GTN Workshop

Join Workshop Leaders from the Girls Tennis Network and Women’s Tennis Coaching Association for a unique workshop that will help all coaches to understand the core principles of working with young female players.


  • The Six Key Principles of Working with Young Female Players
  • Core Drills for Developing a Tactical Understanding
  • Understanding and Increasing Motivation
  • Developing a Program both On and Off Court
  • Building Competitive Skills
  • Recruiting and retaining girls in your program

Plus you will get

  • A copy of the GTN Program Manual
  • GTN Branding Pack
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • The option to take the online test and become a certified  GTN Pro and sign your Program up as a GTN Development Center

If you hold a registered coaching qualification with any National Governing body, ITF, PTR or USPTA , complete the Workshop,  read the materials and pass the online test you will receive certification as a GTN Certified Professional. Once you are part of the our community we want you to be involved in the evolution of GTN.

Our Workshop Team 

Mike Barrell Ann Grossman Wunderlich Rufus Keown Sarah Jane Stone Scott Mitchell Dr. Liz Odera  Els Callens Jenny Walls Robb

Workshop Dates

 August  New York X Tennis Center
September Minneapolis X Tennis Center
September Oslo Norwegian National Tennis Centre
October Chicago X Tennis Center
October Orlando X Tennis Center
November Shanghai WTA World Finals
 December  Los Angeles  X Tennis Center
 January  Melbourne X Tennis Center
 February  Hilton Head  Island X Tennis Center


Through GTN we look to help and support existing coaches who are already in clubs working hard on the court each day. This is a program for all coaches and all facilities, you don’t need to run all girls groups and it is open to coaches of both genders, Of course part of our mission is to encourage and develop respect for more female coaches, but also to help all coaches develop a greater understanding of working with young girls.

We want to see girls who have stayed in tennis through the GTN become coaches and players, but more importantly confident, active people who learnt values that stay with them for life. The challenge is not a simple one but we are committed and excited about every single female player that loves tennis and stays in the game! We are concerned about the challenges girls face, but excited to present this program as a journey of discovery.


This program would not be possible without the support of our partners below