Look around and you will see the number of girls playing tennis is not growing. Despite best efforts by the time players reach the age of 10 there are approximately one girl to every three boys playing events and tournaments and by the time they reach 12 more than 40% of these have dropped from competition.  This is a challenge for us all and one that at evolve9 we wanted to contribute towards in the space in which we work, the under12 age group. Not just about recruiting girls to our sport GTN is about retaining players at this crucial stage.

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Through GTN we look to help and support existing coaches who are already in clubs working hard on the court each day. This is a program for all coaches and all facilities, you don’t need to run all girls groups and it is open to coaches of both genders, Of course part of our mission is to encourage and develop respect for more female coaches, but also to help all coaches develop a greater understanding of working with young girls. Click for More…

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We have focussed our efforts on helping meet the needs of security, connection to others, individuality, creativity, learning and community. Through these six pillars we aim to make all coaches and parents more aware of the environments that they need to create and the behaviours that shape the engagement and value of tennis in a young girl’s life. Click for More…

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gtn g5In the long term we want to see girls who have stayed in tennis through the GTN become coaches and players, but more importantly confident, active people who learnt values that stay with them for life. The challenge is not a simple one but we are committed and excited about every single female player that loves tennis and stays in the game! We are concerned about the challenges girls face, but excited to present this program as a journey of discovery.

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gtn g4GTN is not focussed on high performance players but on creating an equitable and consistent approach to coaching girls. If performance players come out of GTN facilities then of course we will be excited but if more girls have their needs met through tennis then we will be much happier. Our hope is that it will not be some exclusive club but that many facilities can receive the training and integrate the principles into the work that they do every day.

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