Girls Tennis Network

Who should join GTN?

This is a program for all coaches and all facilities. GTN will help you learn to retain and develop more girls in your program whether your classes are girls only or co-ed. Together we aim at creating an equitable and consistent approach to coaching girls at all levels, worldwide.

We work with every coach, male or female:

We look to help and support existing coaches who are already in clubs working hard on the court each day., you don’t need to run all girl’s groups and it is open to coaches of both genders, Of course part of our mission is to encourage and develop respect for more female coaches, but also to help all coaches develop a greater understanding of working with young girls.

Are you a facility, an organization or a team?

We are available to help you to develop your program, from writing to training your staff. We are available to make presentations at local, national and international conferences.

We have focused our efforts on helping meet the needs of security, connection to others, individuality, creativity, learning and community. Through these six pillars we aim to make all coaches and parents more aware of the environments that they need to create and the behavior that shape the engagement and value of tennis in a young girl’s life.

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