e9asianconferenceWith experience at local, national and International conferences, on topics that most club coaches now teach every week, you can be assured that delegates will benefit from any one of a number of very practical presentations. Many of the presentations delivered at conferences around the world are available on the presentations page. Here are a few comments from coaches who have attended presentations with Mike Barrell.

Mikes presentations are informative, entertaining and cutting edge. After participating in one of his seminars the learner comes away looking at the game of tennis and the opportunity to teach young persons in a completely different way. He not only inspires the learner, he motivates the individual to be even more curious about mastering the art of teaching!

Lisa Duncan – President Teaching Concepts Inc

It is very evident through Mikes energizing presentations how passionate he is about the game of tennis! His wonderful sense of humor and his great knowledge of the game make a winning combination
Mary Lloyd Barbera -North Carolina Tennis Association

THANK YOU so much for your great presentations in Melbourne. Not very often have I seen a presenter so passionate and honest within our GREAT sport. You really follow the principle of “keeping it simple.” If only you could have a more captive audience of listeners. With the change in World Values, listening, commitment and focus are now having to be taught, to promote enjoyment in the sport, to overcome the drop-out rate. I was genuinely pleased to see your high emphasis on the younger player.
Peter Taylor Queensland, Australia