The Evolve9 Story

The Evolution Begins

Born in 2006, Evolve9 was the brainchild of Mike Barrell, a tennis coach with over 25 years on court experience and more than 15 just focused on the Under 10 age group. In 2010 Mike was joined by Ronald Pothuizen from the Netherlands, and more recently a number of experienced associates from around the world who work to keep us delivering new and innovative concepts and information, helping coaches be more effective in teaching children in the Under 10 age group.  The Team now includes people on 5 continents.

As the company grew we worked with National Associations including Tennis Australia, LTA, USTA, KNLTB and NTF and also worked through ITF initiatives with over 20 more smaller nations. We have helped develop programs for PTR, David Lloyd Leisure, Tennis Corporation of America and many more groups and facilities around the world.

We continue to work with some of the most active providers of children’s tennis across the globe, developing programs, presenting at conferences, training coaches and providing products to help make coaches lives easier and young players lives better.

In 2010 we started “Serious Kids Stuff” our charitable foundation which works to provide opportunities for children in less developed nations where sport is not so readily available. A percentage of all income received by goes directly to SKS.

What’s in a Name?

The name, evolve9, represents the huge differences in children as they grow and develop and how we need to evolve our coaching practice to meet the needs of these evolving players. 9 is simply the highest single digit and so reflects the need to make this change with the highest quality.

Our mission is to help tennis coaches build better, more appropriate programs and teach with real quality, while considering the needs of each child. All our information is based upon our three pillars

  • Understand the Child
  • Teach the Game
  • Create the Environment

We believe that only through developing an in depth knowledge of all these interlinked areas can coaches be really effective, and from the feedback and testimonials we receive we know it’s working.